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Budget Home Design – Flea Market Finds January 27, 2010

In a recent adventure to the Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market I found some great budget accessories for my apartment including: windowsill plants/pots $1/each, drinking glasses $10/4, and a horse shoe $1.  I placed the horse shoe above the door to my kitchen for good luck. I was totally exhausted after 5 hours of flea market shopping, but it was well worth it.


Update: Yay! Old Navy Candles, Soap & Lotion May 12, 2009

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Old Navy 3ONSCO Candle – $6.50

Old Navy CandleI want start off this post by apologizing for being so MIA for the last 6 months (my mom has been harassing me for not posting).  Life has become really busy and it is hard for me to find time to write.  While life is still crazy, I really missed my blog and I am trying to carve out time for things that are important, like blogging!

I wanted to write a quick update post to one of my most popular posts on “Yay! Old Navy Candles, Soap & Lotion.”  I became obsessed with the Sugar Plum Peony candles in this Old Navy line about a year ago.  I have 6 of these candles displayed around in my studio apartment (can you say overkill?)  Sadly, I think that Old Navy is discontinuing this line, but the silver lining is that the candles are now half off.  So these HUGE candles that were originally around $13.00, are now $6.50!!!!  Now, it is time to stock up! This line is not available online, but the Manhattan Beach Old Navy is pretty well stocked (even after my $40 candle escapade).

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Love This Pitcher August 5, 2008

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Love this pitcher from Anthropologie. I’m now on a mission to find one at a better price.


My Budget Home Decor Inspiration July 14, 2008

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I would not have had the courage to move into a studio apartment if it wasn’t for my friend Charlene. She moved into a studio a few months before me. Her apartment showed me that studios can be as functional and cute as one-bedrooms.

Charlene decorated it herself on a tight budget and taught me some really interesting ways to craft/remake things into home decor. I will definitely include these ideas in upcoming posts. Until then, take a look at some pics of her apartment for inspiration!


Why Do You Have Birds Everywhere? June 27, 2008

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Urban Outfitters Bird Plates 4/$18.00

Last summer marked a big transition in my life. In a nutshell, it was a time where I rediscovered who I am and got rid of some negative things in my life.

During this change, I moved to my studio and decided that if I was going to live in a studio I had to love its design. I purchased all new furniture and changed my accent colors (on a budget of course!).

The most interesting part of this redesign was how I was drawn to various home accents that included birds. I know it sounds cheesy, but to me the birds in my design symbolize a new life phase and freedom.

I am working on the design of my kitchen right now and purchased these plates to display on plate holders next to the book shelf.


Saving Money Tip: Rethink Where You Live June 4, 2008

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One of the biggest challenges that I faced when I decided to start saving money was my rent. I lived in a sorority for two years in college, so when I graduated I decided to live by myself. I soon found that paying rent and bills by myself started to add up and there was not a lot left over for saving.

I had two choices – to get a roommate or move to less expensive apartment. I found an adorable studio apartment for a steal on Westside Rentals. My studio is located on one of the most expensive streets in LA; my rent includes a private garage with storage, all my utilities, and the largest kitchen that I have ever had in an apartment.

I have included a few pics to prove that if you really look, you can find a great apartment on a budget. These pics are kinda old because I have had repair men going through my apartment and did not have time to take new ones.


She’s Crafty – Vintage Wallpaper Covered Canvas May 29, 2008

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Target Wallpaper – $49.00/roll

Michael’s Art Canvas (50% off coupon) – $27.00

I am finally putting the finishing touches on the design of my apartment. There is a blank wall next to my bed that has driving me crazy for a couple months. All of the art I found to cover this space was priced around $300, which is more than I am willing to spend. Inspired by the current vintage wallpaper trend, I decided to create my own art.

First, I purchased vintage inspired wallpaper at Target.com ($49.00/roll) and a canvis from Michael’s craft store ($27.00 with 50% off coupon). I cut the wallpaper into pieces that would cover the canvas. I took the first piece of wall paper, wrapped the canvis like a present and secured it with tape. Then I placed the 2nd piece of wallpaper on the canvis to line up perfectly with the pattern of the first piece. I wrapped the 2nd piece around the canvis like a present and secured it with tape. It took a couple tries, but I eventually got everything lined up. Once I was satisfied with my results, I reinforced the tape with hot glue.

I am really excited because I think it turned out really cute and it only cost about $77.00. Now I just need to find someone to help me hang it.