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Budget Activity – Start a Book Club May 29, 2009


Picture 004

Free – Until it is your turn to hostess

Book – Renew your library card

I started a book club about a year ago and  I look forward to it so much each month.  Staring a book club is a great way to spend time with your friends without spending a lot of money.  We usually meet every 6 weeks and pick the next month’s book during each meeting.  During book club, we usually have a meal of some kind but it is up to hostess.

I included some pics from our last meeting. We read A Year in Provence and Katie did an amazing spread with various cheeses, olives, wines, quiche, and roasted veggies.


My Budget Design Inspiration Has Moved May 28, 2009

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Picture 008

My friend Char is the one who turned me on to budget design and DIY projects.  I did a post on some pics of her apartment last year.  This post is actually one of my most popular posts.

Recently, Char moved in with her fiance.  As everyone who has moved in with a new roommate or spouse knows, the ritual of the “joining of the stuff” is very involved and usually involves a few hurt feelings.  “What do you mean that you don’t like my futon – it’s practical?!?!”  It is even more challenging when you are saving for a wedding and need to make do with what you have.

But Char took on this daunting task and did a wonderful job joining their things in a beautiful streamlined way.  For example, her fiance is from Texas and had a large Texas flag in his apartment.  What does Char do?  Frame it and cluster it with a few of her favorite pictures.


Budget Weekend Outing – Cinespia May 27, 2009

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Cinespia – $10.00/ticket

I love living in LA, because there are so many unique things to do.  One of my fav things to do in LA is Cinespia.  Cinespia is an event where they show movies in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery every Saturday night during the summer.

This past weekend, a few of us went to see Dazed and Confused on Sunday night.  It feels like an outdoor music festival.  We got there at 5:00 and while the gates don’t open until 7:00, everyone hangs out and picnics before the show.  Our picnic spread included: wraps, pasta, humus, chips, mimosas, and chocolate covered pretzels.  We had so much fun hanging out, listening to the DJs, people watching and eventually watching the show.

Cinespia is a budget friend outing that everyone in LA should experience at least once.


Flea Market Finds May 26, 2009



Bird pictures – $30 for 4 pictures

Deer figures – $15 for both

This past weekend my friend Cedes and I decided to do some bargain shopping at the the Melrose Trading Post flea market.  I love flea market shopping.  There is always a lot of junk, but nothings beats a great flea market find.

This past weekend was my best flea market excursion to date.  Within the first 10 minutes, I found 4 vintage bird pictures that reminded me of my grandmother and 2 deer figurines.  While we kept shopping, I decided that $45 was my limit and kept the rest of my spending under control.  These purchases are the perfect accents for my book shelf.


Budget Adventure – Oxnard Strawberry Festival May 21, 2009

Picture 011Picture 012Picture 013

Tickets – $12/ea

Tacos/Nachos – $5/ea

Water – $3

Cactus in a skull pot – $7

I am kinda obsessed with Westways magazine (yes, the AAA magazine).  It always has great suggestions for fun things to do locally.  This past Sunday, the bf and I drove to Oxnard in hopes of exploring the Strawberry Festival.

I have to say, I was a little disappointed.  I also realized during this excursion that I might not be a festival kind of girl.  It was REALLY hot, traffic was REALLY bad, and the line for strawberry funnel cake had 400 people in it.  It also didn’t help that I was REALLY tired.

I enjoyed myself for about an hour and a half; after that, I was ready to go home.   The highlight of the trip was the ADORABLE cactus I got for $7.00 from the Heritage Succulents booth – so cute and the perfect budget accessory for my book shelf.  I just have to make sure the cat can’t reach it.

Contact Info for Heritage Succulents:

HrtgSucculents [at] aol [dot] com


Budget Design Inspiration: The Selby May 14, 2009


I came home from a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend to a huge puddle underneath my fridge, water in the kitchen wall and a very upset cat.  A few days later my apartment is a total wreck and the cat is still pissed.  There is a huge hole in my kitchen ceiling and the side wall of the kitchen is dirty and peeling because of the water leak.

I am very thankful that:

1)  I am a renter, so I am not paying for any of this.

2)  I have a great building manager who is getting the work done quickly.

3)  Nothing (except my cute bird decals) were ruined.

Now that I have mentioned all the things I am thankful for, I would like to complain that I JUST PUT UP THOSE DECALS 2 WEEKS AGO!!!!!!!  I loved the whimsical touch they added to my kitchen.  I have been searching The Selby for some inspiration and I found these amazing pics from rosa connell and bella howard.  I love their style.  I am considering covering my kitchen wall in pics.  Love it.

PC – The Selby


LA Magazine “Cheap Eats” May 13, 2009

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cheapeats_pLos Angeles Magazine did a spread on “cheap eats” in their May issue.  YAY! Four pages of new budget restaurants to explore! Zankou Chicken is first on my list!

PC – Los Angeles Magazine