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Day Trip – Santa Barbara September 22, 2008

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Glass of Wine – $8.00

I attended wedding at the Biltmore Four Seasons Hotel in Santa Barbara this weekend.  While the wedding was not exactly budget, a day or weekend trip to Santa Barbara from L.A. is very reasonable.

I arrived at the wedding early so I had a glass of wine on the outside patio bar of the Biltmore.  While a night at the Biltmore is not exactly in my budget, I will definitely stop by the patio bar again on my next trip up there. Here are the pics.


Jane’s Addiction September 15, 2008

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Tea Cup – $2.99

Pink Chemise – $12.00

My 2008 New Year’s resolutions included starting a book club.  Yes, I am a nerd to the core.  The next book we are reading is Emma by Jane Austen. Austen really brings out the girlie girl in me. Here are some of my fav feminine essentials for reading Austen – tea, a floral tea cup, a comfortable chemise


Fall 2008 Style September 3, 2008

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Beret Forever 21 – $8.80

One of the trends that I am the most excited about for Fall 2008 is the beret.

I love wearing hats because they add an element of mystery to my everyday style. A trendy hat is also an inexpensive way to update my wardrobe for the season.