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Workspace Make-Over February 4, 2010

Anthropologie mugs – $6.00/each

Brocade desk accessories – $ 4.99-$7.99/each

Audrey Hepburn picture – $49.99

4″ pots – $1.99/each

Lamp – $19.99

I need a workspace make-over.  I spend so much time and money decorating my apartment, yet I spend the majority of my time at work.  I like the idea of an artist’s studio – a place that is both creative and functional.  The search has begun and here are my favorite  mugs, desk accessoriespots, lamp and picture so far.


Home Organization Boot Camp – Day 1 February 1, 2010

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File organizers – $19.99/each

Black files – $5.99

I have received many compliments over the years about my “clutter free” apartment, but beware to anyone who opens a drawer.  Over the next few weeks, I will be putting myself through home organization boot camp.

With tax day right around the corner, my project this weekend was to organize all my recipes and important papers.  I normally stay away from The Container Store because I think it is a little over-priced. Last week, I received a 20% off coupon in the mail making these adorable file organizers a guilt free purchase.


Budget Home Design – Flea Market Finds January 27, 2010

In a recent adventure to the Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market I found some great budget accessories for my apartment including: windowsill plants/pots $1/each, drinking glasses $10/4, and a horse shoe $1.  I placed the horse shoe above the door to my kitchen for good luck. I was totally exhausted after 5 hours of flea market shopping, but it was well worth it.


Budget Home Design – What to do with thank you cards January 25, 2010

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Thank you cards – free

Shelves – $29.99/ea

I have some of the most wonderful friends in the world.  It always impresses me that every time I give them a gift, within a week there is a beautiful handwritten thank you note in the mail.  Not an email, but a handwritten thank you note on beautiful stationary.

The cards are so beautiful and sentimental that I find it hard to throw them away, but studio apartments have limited storage.  Additionally, I hate bulletin boards and any else that reminds me of a dorm room.  I finally decided to display them by themselves on the shelves in my kitchen, as I would a plant, clock or any other knickknack.  I have to say, I love it.

Gotta run and put my Christmas thank you notes in the mail.


Budget Home Design – Dia De Los Muertos Sugar Skulls January 23, 2010

Jewelry tree – $29.99

Dia De Los Muertos sugar skulls – $29.99

Book side table – free (I already had them)

Hello.  Yes, I’m back.  I missed you too.

I am so excited about the changes I have made around my apartment in the last few months. My apartment was starting to feel a bit too much like a West Elm catalog, so I began adding whimsy accents.

Here is one of my first additions: Dia De Los Muertos sugar skull ornaments on a jewelry tree.  For some reason, I have always been drawn to the bright colors and gothic themes of the Dia De Los Muertos holiday.  When I mentioned this project to family/friends, everyone thought I had gone off the deep end (until they saw the finished product).  I ordered these beautiful handmade sugar skull ornaments on Etsy from a designer with a wonderful Dia De Los Muertos themed Etsy shop.  Then I picked up this jewelry tree from Urban Outfitters.  I placed this piece on top of  a side table I created out of books next to my reading chair.

What are your thoughts – cute or weird?


DIY Hooks July 27, 2009

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Hooks – $2.98/ea

Blue spray paint 0 $8.99

I found these really cute hooks at Target on sale for $2.98.  The only problem was they were this really ugly bronze color.  So I bought some blue spray paint that matched my kitchen and painted the hooks and the screws.  Now, these hooks are perfect for showcasing my favorite aprons.  Never underestimate the power of spray paint.


$9.99 Jewelry Tree July 26, 2009

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Oak Jewelry Stand – $9.99

When it comes to organizing my accessories I need a little help.  I have necklaces, rings, and watches scattered all around my apartment in baskets, bowls, and hooks.  The other day, I found one of my favorite necklaces that I have not worn in years because I forgot I even had it.

I found the cutest jewerly tree at Urban Outfitters on sale for $9.99.  It is perfect for organizing all my jewelry including earrings