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$9.99 Jewelry Tree July 26, 2009

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Oak Jewelry Stand – $9.99

When it comes to organizing my accessories I need a little help.  I have necklaces, rings, and watches scattered all around my apartment in baskets, bowls, and hooks.  The other day, I found one of my favorite necklaces that I have not worn in years because I forgot I even had it.

I found the cutest jewerly tree at Urban Outfitters on sale for $9.99.  It is perfect for organizing all my jewelry including earrings


Colorful Leather Bracelet July 20, 2009

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I heart these bracelets.  I love the bright colors. I would pair the orange and green ones with my white watch.


Update: Yay! Old Navy Candles, Soap & Lotion May 12, 2009

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Old Navy 3ONSCO Candle – $6.50

Old Navy CandleI want start off this post by apologizing for being so MIA for the last 6 months (my mom has been harassing me for not posting).  Life has become really busy and it is hard for me to find time to write.  While life is still crazy, I really missed my blog and I am trying to carve out time for things that are important, like blogging!

I wanted to write a quick update post to one of my most popular posts on “Yay! Old Navy Candles, Soap & Lotion.”  I became obsessed with the Sugar Plum Peony candles in this Old Navy line about a year ago.  I have 6 of these candles displayed around in my studio apartment (can you say overkill?)  Sadly, I think that Old Navy is discontinuing this line, but the silver lining is that the candles are now half off.  So these HUGE candles that were originally around $13.00, are now $6.50!!!!  Now, it is time to stock up! This line is not available online, but the Manhattan Beach Old Navy is pretty well stocked (even after my $40 candle escapade).

PC – Sweet Nee on Flikr


The Perfect Slouch Boot November 2, 2008

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Steve Madden Tianna Boots – $89.00

I have been looking for a inexpensive pair of slouchy brown boots to wear with dresses and jeans during the winter months.  I love these boots from Steve Madden. They are are super comfy and perfect with everything.  If you buy them from Amazon.com you can have them shipped for free.


Cashmere Slippers October 31, 2008

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Bath and Body Works Slippers – $29.00

I have been looking for an inexpensive pair of cashmere slippers for years. I was pleasantly surprised when I found some at Bath and Body works. I love their ballet flat style. I am thinking about keeping them under my desk for chilly winter days in the office.


Fall 2008 Style September 3, 2008

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Beret Forever 21 – $8.80

One of the trends that I am the most excited about for Fall 2008 is the beret.

I love wearing hats because they add an element of mystery to my everyday style. A trendy hat is also an inexpensive way to update my wardrobe for the season.


Sexy Single Girl Lounge Wear – The House Dress July 23, 2008

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Old Navy Chemise $11.99-$20.00

In college, my lounge/study wear consisted of various pairs of sweat pants and tanks. Four years after graduation, I still wear my beloved white cotton sweat pants when lounging around the house. The have so many holes and stains that every time I wear them at my parents’ house, my mom puts her best effort into repairing them and pleading with me to throw them away.

A few months ago my friend Krista extended me a much needed introduction to the concept of a house dress. A house dress is a dress that is short and light weight, but a little more substantial than lingerie. It’s the perfect outfit for warm summer nights in. While it’s not something that you would wear outside of the house, you can definitely wear it during movie night with your closest girlfriends.

The house dress is basically the sexy single girl version of ratty sweatpants and a tank. Just because its more sophisticated, doesn’t mean it has to be more expensive. Old Navy has some really cute ones for under $20.