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She’s Crafty – Vintage Wallpaper Covered Canvas May 29, 2008

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Target Wallpaper – $49.00/roll

Michael’s Art Canvas (50% off coupon) – $27.00

I am finally putting the finishing touches on the design of my apartment. There is a blank wall next to my bed that has driving me crazy for a couple months. All of the art I found to cover this space was priced around $300, which is more than I am willing to spend. Inspired by the current vintage wallpaper trend, I decided to create my own art.

First, I purchased vintage inspired wallpaper at Target.com ($49.00/roll) and a canvis from Michael’s craft store ($27.00 with 50% off coupon). I cut the wallpaper into pieces that would cover the canvas. I took the first piece of wall paper, wrapped the canvis like a present and secured it with tape. Then I placed the 2nd piece of wallpaper on the canvis to line up perfectly with the pattern of the first piece. I wrapped the 2nd piece around the canvis like a present and secured it with tape. It took a couple tries, but I eventually got everything lined up. Once I was satisfied with my results, I reinforced the tape with hot glue.

I am really excited because I think it turned out really cute and it only cost about $77.00. Now I just need to find someone to help me hang it.