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About March 25, 2008

img_0663.jpgHi, my name is Lexie and I live in Los Angeles. I graduated from UC Santa Barbara in 2004 with a degree in Business Economics with an emphasis in Accounting. I work in in-house public relations for a comparison shopping website.

I recently downgraded from a one bedroom apartment to a studio apartment to get myself on a 5 year plan to buy a condo. After moving, I began trying to live “below my means” to save more money. I began applying my creativity to living on a budget and realized that it was kinda fun. I found myself responding to compliments on my low budget (yet well thought out) outfits, home design, etc. by announcing how much everything cost.

The ironic part is that I enjoy things that are typically expensive – food, wine, fashion, home design, going out with friends. But I found that when I spent some time researching and planning my purchases I could have everything I wanted and not break my budget.

In a nutshell, I created this blog to pass along my knowledge for budget living and maintaining a fabulous lifestyle.

If you would like to contact me, please email me at BudgetLexicon[at]yahoo.com or follow me on Twitter @BudgetLexicon.


9 Responses to “About”

  1. Marian with cats Says:

    Great job! You make your Mom very proud! Is Bella on a budget, too?

  2. Marc Sigal Says:

    I would like to discuss a potential partnership between BudgetLexicon and PriceGrabber at your earliest convenience.

    Please contact me at ext. 300 or marc@pricegrabber.com

  3. Emily Says:

    Hi there! I just stumbled across your site today and absolutely love it! Though my site isnt’ necessarily budget-friendly all the time, I would love to trade links if you’re interested. Please check out http://cupcakesandcashmere.com at your earliest convenience.


  4. Maureen Says:

    Great blog. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Good luck! Maureen

  5. wordsworthbaby Says:

    Lexi! I have been inspired by your blog and have just completed my first month of daily blogging at http://www.WordsworthBaby.wordpress.com, a music recommendation blog. I added you as a link you can see on the site. You’re my inspiration!

    Best regards,

    Dave Rock

  6. Vonnie Brown Says:

    Can you please tell me how to find the old navy lotion and soap by the name of vanilla bean by old navy.

  7. Chelsea Says:

    Hi Lexie,

    I found your ipod heart image on one of your older blog posts and wanted your permission to use it. I posted it on my blog with a credit to you for the meantime. If this isn’t ok with you, please let me know and I’ll take it down. If it is, please let me know it has your blessing πŸ™‚



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