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Why Do You Have Birds Everywhere? June 27, 2008

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Urban Outfitters Bird Plates 4/$18.00

Last summer marked a big transition in my life. In a nutshell, it was a time where I rediscovered who I am and got rid of some negative things in my life.

During this change, I moved to my studio and decided that if I was going to live in a studio I had to love its design. I purchased all new furniture and changed my accent colors (on a budget of course!).

The most interesting part of this redesign was how I was drawn to various home accents that included birds. I know it sounds cheesy, but to me the birds in my design symbolize a new life phase and freedom.

I am working on the design of my kitchen right now and purchased these plates to display on plate holders next to the book shelf.


One Response to “Why Do You Have Birds Everywhere?”

  1. catherine Says:

    Oooooh! Please take lots of photos of your studio. I love the plates!

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