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Budget Desk Essentials October 21, 2008

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Why does it seem that I only really clean things out when I move. Our recent office move inspired me to clean out my desk and restock my favorite “desk essentials.” Desk essentials are my way of bringing the comfort of home to my work environment. Work just seems so much better when you have some of your favorite products in your desk.

Mini Lint Roller $2.99 – Helps me avoid looking like a crazy cat lady with clothes covered with cat fur.

Old Navy Shea Butter Lotion $3.50 – This lotion is really thick and perfect for my really dry skin.

Trader Joe’s Mango Black Tea $3.99 – I keep this tea in my desk for cold winter afternoons of pitch writing.

Mentholatum Ointment $1.99 – I already wrote a post on how much I love to use this as chapstick. It’s always on my desk.

Expresso Machine (owned by my co-worker) – Perfect for afternoons where tea is just not going to cut it.

Photo cred – Elle Decor


Budget Fashion Photo August 13, 2008

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Top – Old Navy 24.99

Shorts – H&M 29.99 

I was asked to put together a budget outfit and submit photos for a couple different opportunities.  Here’s my favorite pic.  No details yet, but I will update you guys when I know more.


Budget Face Wash August 12, 2008

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Face Wash – Under $5.00

Since my first break out in Jr. high, I have never settled on a face wash. In an attempt to keep my grocery shopping to just one store – I decided to purchase Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash at Trader Joe’s.

Despite my skepticism about all things vegan, this face wash really works. Overall, its a great product. But it has some drawbacks – it smells like Pine Sol, it feels like Pine Sol if you get it in your eye, and it dries out your skin the first couple times you use it. Other than those issues, I would highly recommend this product as a great budget face wash.


Budget Happy Hour – Palomino August 7, 2008

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I can’t believe that it is already August. Soon September will be upon us, which means goodbye warm weather and goodbye Westwood. My company is relocating from Westwood to Culver City and needless to say, everyone is sad.

One of the best parts of working in Westwood is that Palomino‘s happy hour is right around the corner. I love their happy hour because the food is so tasty and cheap – 50% off appetizers, $5.00 pizzas and a $4.00 drink menu. My favorite things to order are the cosmo margarita, tomato basil pizza, and cheese fondue.

What’s better than relaxing with friends over great food and drinks and not worrying about the bill?


Again, My Love For Bird Inspired Home Design August 6, 2008

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Urban Outfitters $30.00

I love this.  It’s so whimsical and cute.


Dinner Wine Review: Brancott 2006 Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough July 31, 2008

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About a year ago, in effort to get in better shape, I decided to forgo wine with my weeknight dinner. There are definitely some days where that all goes out the window…yesterday was one of those days.

The events of yesterday, in addition to confirming the fact that boys are stupid, helped me reconsider my stance on wine during the week (at least for a day). Upon returning home after a much needed girls happy hour, I decided to try the Brancott 2006 Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough I purchased from T-Joes last weekend.

Lately, I have been totally obsessed with New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs from the Marlbarough region and this Brancott did not let me down. Actually, the flavors of this wine were a tasty compliment to my sour and firey mood – bell peppers, green apple, and jalapeno.

While I would normally save an $8.99 dinner wine to share with someone else. I wasn’t really interested in budgeting last night. One of the good things about living a fabulous life on a budget is that when you decide to blow your budget/diet, you can’t really do that muck damage!


Turkey Burgers With Tomato Jam, Olives, And Feta July 28, 2008

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I love recipes that utilize things I already have in the fridge. Like a true Greek girl, I had feta, kalamata olives, garlic and all the spices called for in this recipe. For a carb free meal, I omitted the the buns.  

I am really comfortable in kitchen, but I definitely still make mistakes. When I was making this recipe, I misread the measurement on the tomato label and accidently added 4 times the amount of tomatoes.  At least I realized right away and was able to scope out the excess tomatoes.  

I love cooking; it’s always an adventure.