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Cashmere Slippers October 31, 2008

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Bath and Body Works Slippers – $29.00

I have been looking for an inexpensive pair of cashmere slippers for years. I was pleasantly surprised when I found some at Bath and Body works. I love their ballet flat style. I am thinking about keeping them under my desk for chilly winter days in the office.


Rock & Republic Sample Sale October 30, 2008

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I went to this last year and it was really amazing. I bought 3 pairs of jeans and a sweater. We waited for 3 hours in line, but it was really worth the wait. They have TONS of jeans and other stuff.


Budget Desk Essentials October 21, 2008

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Why does it seem that I only really clean things out when I move. Our recent office move inspired me to clean out my desk and restock my favorite “desk essentials.” Desk essentials are my way of bringing the comfort of home to my work environment. Work just seems so much better when you have some of your favorite products in your desk.

Mini Lint Roller $2.99 – Helps me avoid looking like a crazy cat lady with clothes covered with cat fur.

Old Navy Shea Butter Lotion $3.50 – This lotion is really thick and perfect for my really dry skin.

Trader Joe’s Mango Black Tea $3.99 – I keep this tea in my desk for cold winter afternoons of pitch writing.

Mentholatum Ointment $1.99 – I already wrote a post on how much I love to use this as chapstick. It’s always on my desk.

Expresso Machine (owned by my co-worker) – Perfect for afternoons where tea is just not going to cut it.

Photo cred – Elle Decor


Making Old Clothes New (Skirt Into A Dress) October 20, 2008

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Skirt – I can’t even remember how much I paid for it

Vintage Belt – $8.00

Carlos Santana Shoes – $65.00

Let’s face it the economy stinks right now.  I’m trying to make a conscious effort to cut back on unnecessary spending.  Sadly, that includes cutting back on shopping.

I was searching through my closet the other day and found an old white skirt.  I cinched it with my fav vintage belt, heels and headed out for a night on the town.

I received so many compliments that night and no one could believe that it was originally a skirt.


The Best Chapstick Ever (No, I Am Not Crazy) October 17, 2008

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Mentholatum Ointment (1oz) – $3.50

I am obsessed with chapstick. My skin/lips are incredibly dry and I have tried many products over the years. Carmex was my standing favorite until a friend recommended Mentholatum Ointment to me. Yes, I know it is vapor rub. My friend used to live in Colorado and had really bad chapped lips growing up. It also adds a nice shine to your lips if you are going without lipstick for an evening.


10% Off American Apparel October 16, 2008

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Hi guys,

Sorry, it has been so long since I posted. Between our office move and ramping up for holiday – my blog writing routine has gotten away from me. I am planning to pick it up again next week

Ger sent me this link for 10% off American Apparel and I thought I would pass it along to you.

Photo cred – American Apparel