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Yay! Old Navy Candles, Soap & Lotion June 13, 2008

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Old Navy On SCo Soap – 2/$5.00,

Old Navy On SCo Lotion/Bath Gel – 2/$10

Old Navy On SCo Small Candles $5.50/each

I am the reason why companies put so money into packaging and ad campaigns…I like my all my purchases to be “pretty.” As a kid, I remember thinking that I liked my birthday presents better wrapped because they looked nicer.

I was totally shocked when I went into Old Navy this weekend and found soap, candles, and lotion in the most adorable packaging and on sale! The soap was 2 for $5.00, lotion/bath gel 2 for $10 and candles $5.50/each. All of these products smell great and make the perfect gift for any girlie girl. The only drawback is they are not available online.


13 Responses to “Yay! Old Navy Candles, Soap & Lotion”

  1. Jamillah Says:

    Thanks alot for enabling!!! What are the fragances? Those look like cool gifts. Get a bunch for last minute gift giving! Not bad on the price too.

  2. Marge Says:

    The drinks are wonderful! Your mother servered them yesterday at our Diva’s group and they were a big hit. I will be serving them this summer for those special gatherings. Thanks for the great tip.

    Congratulations on running that marathon!

  3. though i can’t smell this old navy soap, i’m already sold on the packaging! this will be great for my guest bathroom.

  4. plush21 Says:

    I bought them as well because of the wrapping. They smell great too!!! I bought the peony and lime shea butter. Great for shower gifts.

  5. Kristan Says:

    WHERE on earth did you find this photo?! I can’t find pictures of these products anywhere online. I would have thought Old Navy would have wanted to hype these up a little more…


  6. Reavel Says:

    Hi, Found your page after googling for old navy soaps. Went to the page didn’t found a thing. I love them and I have gave them as gift to my family. They always bring more and more. Good and economic products. Great scents.

  7. Bron Says:

    Ok, I love the ONSCo “Tuscan Orange” candle that I got at Old Navy. I almost don’t want to use it because they don’t sell it anymore, and I can’t find it anywhere! Do you have any idea where the brand is sold?

    • budgetlexicon Says:

      Hi! Thanks for your comment. I just got A TON of the candles at the Old Navy in Manhattan Beach. They are 50% off in the clearance section, which makes them $6.50. Good luck!

  8. […] wanted to write a quick update post to one of my most popular posts on “Yay! Old Navy Candles, Soap & Lotion.”  I became obsessed with the Sugar Plum Peony candles in this Old Navy line about a year ago.  […]

  9. Dani Stuever Says:

    I am desperately trying to find the clean musk wash, lotion and candles. Old Navy is no longer carrying any of these items. Any suggestions to what might be comparable???

  10. Martha Turner Says:

    Can the ON SCO soaps be purchased anwhere? unable to find.

    • budgetlexicon Says:

      Sadly, I think it has been discontinued. I have heard that the Forever 21 candles are really nice. I am planning to write an upcoming post on them.

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