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Budget Weekend Style – Let’s Get High-Waisted April 30, 2008

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H&M T-shirt – $7.99
American Appareal Skirt – $30.00
Necklaces – Flea Market $5.00, Gift from Grandma
Heels Carlos Santana – $79.99

I am not going to lie, until this weekend, the thought of high-waisted clothing on my body scared the crap out of me. I felt a high-waist would elongate the perceived length of my butt and therefore make my butt look enormous. But this weekend, I broke out of my comfort zone – deciding to trust my intense marathon work-out regimen and the fact that high waists look really cute on all my friends.

I bought this high waisted American Apparel skirt a week ago. I was really excited to wear it out for the first time to a friend’s b-day party Saturday night. The skirt and shirt in this outfit are both 100% cotton which made me feel comfortable on this hot, almost-summer night.

Sometimes an outfit can work a little too well. During the course of the evening, I was followed by a man in all black (don’t worry, I had two friends with me) and I was hit on by a girl. Needless to say – even with the best outfit, your evenings do not always turn out the way plan you plan