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GO International By Target July 9, 2008

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I have to say that I am kinda on the fence about the GO International summer line. It has some really cute pieces, but some of it is really ugly. I would die before I would ever wore the ruffle nightmare to the left. I love the shorts and blazer on the model in the middle, but I would never wear them together with that hat. I also really like the black skirt on the right paired with the floral shirt.

This collection does offer some great pieces at very affordable pieces, just be careful how you pair them.


Pre-order Mossimo’s Summer Collection Online May 7, 2008

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Mossimo Floral Paisley Print Empire+Tax+Shipping – $30.28

I had one major regret this spring, not purchasing my fav Jovovich-Hawk dress from Target before it sold out. I just pre-ordered this dress online which is part of the new Mossimo summer collection. I love this dress because of the bold paisley print, length, and price of $22.99. This dress paired with my gold gladiators and bangles will make the prefect summer BBQ or brunch outfit.

There are a couple drawbacks to pre-ordering clothes online. I was unsure of my size when I created my order and I am currently debating whether or not to order the same dress in a different size – to ensure it fits. I am also not the most patient person so waiting until June to receive my dress is not my idea of a good time. But I am definitely not complaining because at least I know I am not going to be missing out this season.


My Biggest Weakness – Target Impulse Purchases April 25, 2008

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Target Rosette Ballet Flats (Rose) – $20.99

You would think as a person who writes a budget blog, I would be immune to impulse purchasing…WRONG!

A couple weeks ago, a friend and I journeyed to the Anza Borrego Desert. She had forgotten to pack closed toed shoes, so I told her that I would go pick some up for her at Target. I was only in the store for a total of 15 minutes, but I still managed to find something I could not live without – Rose colored ballet flats.

I guess this purchase wasn’t totally impulsive because I had been looking for a pair of ballet flats to pair with my black leggings. I was just not planning on purchasing them that day and I usually spend more than 5 minutes trying shoes on.

Thankfully, my quick decision making skills came through and I am totally happy with my new shoes. In addition to pairing well with leggings, these flats look cute with jeans and shirt dresses.


Wow, Target DOES Have Cute Swim Wear April 4, 2008

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Yellow Bandeau Bikini – $17.99 for each piece
Green Halter Bikini – $14.99 for each piece
Total (with shipping & tax) – $71.40

All last week, I felt like a little kid right before Christmas. Every time the office receptionist called my desk, I would hold my breath and wait expectantly to hear my favorite words “Lexie, you have a package at the front.” Monday, my waiting paid off and I finally received my new bathing suits.

It seems like every year women’s swim wear gets more and more expensive. I had always heard that Target had some really cute swim wear (this was before Target’s big designer campaign), but I was reluctant to try it out. I am embarrassed to admit, that imagined that “Target cute” meant saggy butt bottoms that were cut above my belly button. Last year, after many days of bathing suit shopping, I decided to take the plunge (no pun intended) and was pleasantly surprised.

This year, I went right to the source. I was looking for bright colors to fit spring’s latest trend and a cut that was flattering to my body type. I found exactly what I was looking for – a yellow bandeau bikini and green halter bikini. They fit perfectly and the total cost of both suits was less than one boutique bathing suit. Now I’m ready for a summer of hanging out poolside, margaritas, boating, and lots of sunscreen.