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GO International By Target July 9, 2008

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I have to say that I am kinda on the fence about the GO International summer line. It has some really cute pieces, but some of it is really ugly. I would die before I would ever wore the ruffle nightmare to the left. I love the shorts and blazer on the model in the middle, but I would never wear them together with that hat. I also really like the black skirt on the right paired with the floral shirt.

This collection does offer some great pieces at very affordable pieces, just be careful how you pair them.


Was I in the sun too long or are jumpers kinda cute? May 20, 2008

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Urban Outfitters Lux Floral Jumper – $68.00
American Apparel – $38.00

This weekend the Z, Ger, Deb, Mich and I went to the Swimming With Sharks party at the Standard downtown. Needless to say, the hipsters were out in droves – American Apparel, neon shorts, wayfarers, one-piece bathing suits and jumpers were everywhere. At one point a guy (who was clearly not from LA) asked me to tell him about the 80s party that was going on…LOL. I had to explain that this is hipster style and not a costume party.

Six hours in the sun and 4 mojitos later, I found myself thinking that jumpers are kinda cute. It normally takes me a couple seasons to embrace styles that I think are kinda “out there.” But I am really considering taking the plunge and getting a jumper. Maybe I will take it out for a test run to the beach or (more likely) in the privacy of my own apartment.


Cut-Off Jean Shorts? May 14, 2008

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American Eagle Jean Shorts – $34.99

Every summer, I can never decide whether or not it is appropriate to wear cut-offs without the presence of a major body of water. They are totally cute at the beach, lake or even an outdoor concert. But what about to brunch or a warm night out?

After years of pondering, my answer is – it depends on what you pair them with. If your jean shorts are really tight or short – pair them with a lose fitting blouse. If your shorts are loose, wear them with a more fitted top. To take cut-offs from beachwear to a chic night out pair them with statement accessories like a scarf, big errands, or boots.

The most budget friendly cut-off shorts are found in your closet. Find an old pair of jeans and cut them to your length of choice and put them in the wash. American Eagle also has some really cute jean shorts for $34.99.

Even though the LA weather is cool right now, I am planning to rock my cut-offs this summer with my gladiators, medallion necklace, and lightweight orange blouse. You can definitely count on some pics of my outfit in a future a budget weekend style post.


Budget Weekend Style – Let’s Get High-Waisted April 30, 2008

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H&M T-shirt – $7.99
American Appareal Skirt – $30.00
Necklaces – Flea Market $5.00, Gift from Grandma
Heels Carlos Santana – $79.99

I am not going to lie, until this weekend, the thought of high-waisted clothing on my body scared the crap out of me. I felt a high-waist would elongate the perceived length of my butt and therefore make my butt look enormous. But this weekend, I broke out of my comfort zone – deciding to trust my intense marathon work-out regimen and the fact that high waists look really cute on all my friends.

I bought this high waisted American Apparel skirt a week ago. I was really excited to wear it out for the first time to a friend’s b-day party Saturday night. The skirt and shirt in this outfit are both 100% cotton which made me feel comfortable on this hot, almost-summer night.

Sometimes an outfit can work a little too well. During the course of the evening, I was followed by a man in all black (don’t worry, I had two friends with me) and I was hit on by a girl. Needless to say – even with the best outfit, your evenings do not always turn out the way plan you plan