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I’m Dreaming of the H&M Garden Collection January 26, 2010

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Pieces range from $19.99-$29.99

Last week, it poured in So Cal.  While I understand that those of us who live in California have nothing to complain about when it comes weather, all the rain made me start dreaming of Spring fashion.  In recent posts on Because I’m Addicted and Fashion Gone Rogue showcase the new Spring collection from H&M.  Here are some of my favorites.  Is anyone else counting down the days until March.

Photo cred – Fashion Gone Rogue and H&M lookbook


Budget Friendly Flirty Dress August 4, 2009

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$54.00 Urban Outfitters

Love it!


Sexy Single Girl Lounge Wear – The House Dress July 23, 2008

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Old Navy Chemise $11.99-$20.00

In college, my lounge/study wear consisted of various pairs of sweat pants and tanks. Four years after graduation, I still wear my beloved white cotton sweat pants when lounging around the house. The have so many holes and stains that every time I wear them at my parents’ house, my mom puts her best effort into repairing them and pleading with me to throw them away.

A few months ago my friend Krista extended me a much needed introduction to the concept of a house dress. A house dress is a dress that is short and light weight, but a little more substantial than lingerie. It’s the perfect outfit for warm summer nights in. While it’s not something that you would wear outside of the house, you can definitely wear it during movie night with your closest girlfriends.

The house dress is basically the sexy single girl version of ratty sweatpants and a tank. Just because its more sophisticated, doesn’t mean it has to be more expensive. Old Navy has some really cute ones for under $20.


I Heart Shirt Dresses July 8, 2008

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Urban Outfitters – $48.00

I love shirt dresses. They are the perfect travel dress because you can dress them up or down. They pair well with leggings, gladiators, or ballet flats.


Target $15.00 Dress Sale June 18, 2008

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Just stumbled upon Target’s $15.00 dress sale. I guess I am always looking for an excuse to shop at Target.com so it isn’t really stumbling. But here are my fav dresses for $15.00!