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White Bean Turkey Chili November 4, 2008

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2417074736_668f6845a4I love epicurious.com.  If you have never used this site – you should.  It is a search engine for recipes featured in Gourmet and Bon Appetite magazines.

One of the most helpful things about recipes on this site is the user reviews.  Most of the people who use this site are very experienced cooks so the comments are always really insightful.

The weather was cool (under 70 degrees) in So Cal this weekend, so I decided to make healthy turkey chili for dinner this week.  I have been searching for a signature chili recipe and I have finally found one.  I love the complex favor of this recipe (it calls for coco powder!)

I followed the suggestions in the comments and only used 2C of beef stock, substituted tomato paste for sauce, and did not add the bean liquid.  It turned out to be the perfect consistency.

I love this chili and it made a great dinner on a brisk, but joyful election night. 😉