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Budget Bedding Makeover June 9, 2009

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I have needed a bedding makeover for awhile and I finally did it! My well-loved jersey sheets and down comforter were looking a peaked.

Purchasing new bedding might sound like a simple task, but I have to say I was completely overwhelmed.  In a studio apartment, the bed becomes one of the focal points of the room.  I felt like I had to make so many decisions – color, pattern, thread count, pillow arrangement and I didn’t want to screw it up!

I finally decided on Parachute Bedding from West Elm after months of scouting online with trips to BBB and Macy’s.  While this was not the most budget friendly choice, my parents were wonderful enough to foot the bill for my duvet and pillows for my birthday.  But I couldn’t have a new duvet and pillows with my sad looking sheets and down comfortable.  It was time for an upgrade.  I became a comparision shopping maniac.  I found 1200 TC sheets for $89.99 on Amazon.com (orig, 349.99) and $59.99 down comforter (orig $199.99) on Overstock. Needless to say, getting out of bed in the morning has gotten a little tougher.


3 Responses to “Budget Bedding Makeover”

  1. Jeanne Says:

    I just ordered the sheets too! Hope they feel as good as they look!

  2. budgetlexicon Says:

    They are totally comfy!!!

  3. Sue Says:

    Pretty bedding set. And a completely cute cat that looks identical to my own!

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