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My Budget Design Inspiration Has Moved May 28, 2009

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My friend Char is the one who turned me on to budget design and DIY projects.  I did a post on some pics of her apartment last year.  This post is actually one of my most popular posts.

Recently, Char moved in with her fiance.  As everyone who has moved in with a new roommate or spouse knows, the ritual of the “joining of the stuff” is very involved and usually involves a few hurt feelings.  “What do you mean that you don’t like my futon – it’s practical?!?!”  It is even more challenging when you are saving for a wedding and need to make do with what you have.

But Char took on this daunting task and did a wonderful job joining their things in a beautiful streamlined way.  For example, her fiance is from Texas and had a large Texas flag in his apartment.  What does Char do?  Frame it and cluster it with a few of her favorite pictures.


One Response to “My Budget Design Inspiration Has Moved”

  1. Charlene Says:

    Aw, awesome Lex. I updated the photo wall too! Thanks to Ikea’s memorial weekend sale. I’ll have to send you photos!

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