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Budget Adventure – Oxnard Strawberry Festival May 21, 2009

Picture 011Picture 012Picture 013

Tickets – $12/ea

Tacos/Nachos – $5/ea

Water – $3

Cactus in a skull pot – $7

I am kinda obsessed with Westways magazine (yes, the AAA magazine).  It always has great suggestions for fun things to do locally.  This past Sunday, the bf and I drove to Oxnard in hopes of exploring the Strawberry Festival.

I have to say, I was a little disappointed.  I also realized during this excursion that I might not be a festival kind of girl.  It was REALLY hot, traffic was REALLY bad, and the line for strawberry funnel cake had 400 people in it.  It also didn’t help that I was REALLY tired.

I enjoyed myself for about an hour and a half; after that, I was ready to go home.   The highlight of the trip was the ADORABLE cactus I got for $7.00 from the Heritage Succulents booth – so cute and the perfect budget accessory for my book shelf.  I just have to make sure the cat can’t reach it.

Contact Info for Heritage Succulents:

HrtgSucculents [at] aol [dot] com


One Response to “Budget Adventure – Oxnard Strawberry Festival”

  1. Zuri Says:

    I was wondering where that cactus came from!

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