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Budget Design Inspiration: The Selby May 14, 2009


I came home from a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend to a huge puddle underneath my fridge, water in the kitchen wall and a very upset cat.  A few days later my apartment is a total wreck and the cat is still pissed.  There is a huge hole in my kitchen ceiling and the side wall of the kitchen is dirty and peeling because of the water leak.

I am very thankful that:

1)  I am a renter, so I am not paying for any of this.

2)  I have a great building manager who is getting the work done quickly.

3)  Nothing (except my cute bird decals) were ruined.

Now that I have mentioned all the things I am thankful for, I would like to complain that I JUST PUT UP THOSE DECALS 2 WEEKS AGO!!!!!!!  I loved the whimsical touch they added to my kitchen.  I have been searching The Selby for some inspiration and I found these amazing pics from rosa connell and bella howard.  I love their style.  I am considering covering my kitchen wall in pics.  Love it.

PC – The Selby


2 Responses to “Budget Design Inspiration: The Selby”

  1. Char Says:

    Yay! Lexie is back! Love the idea, but I would post in the kitchen where there is little moisture, oil etc so they don’t get ruined 🙂

  2. Michael Sacks Says:

    I guess that will teach you to stay away from bird decals once and for all. I’ve been trying to tell you that they cause nothing but problems for years, but you didn’t believe me! 😉 Glad you’re back, Lex!

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