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Cute Budget Undies November 6, 2008

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Cecilia Hipster Bottom $14.00

It’s sad to admit, but I rarely shop for new cute underwear.  I went into Victoria’s Secret the other day and I was amazed at how expensive things are, that are made of such little fabric! They charge $30 for a cute pair of lacy hipster undies.

By no means am I looking to wear expensive lacy underwear everyday, but it is nice to have a couple cute pairs among the boring assortment of white and black.

Affinitas was kind enough to send me a couple samples of their underwear to test out and I really like it.  It is super cute, comfortable and half the price of Victoria’s Secret at $14.00.


2 Responses to “Cute Budget Undies”

  1. eye4style Says:

    Those are too cute for words! Love!

  2. Wow, those really are totally adorable!

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