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Jane’s Addiction September 15, 2008

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Tea Cup – $2.99

Pink Chemise – $12.00

My 2008 New Year’s resolutions included starting a book club.  Yes, I am a nerd to the core.  The next book we are reading is Emma by Jane Austen. Austen really brings out the girlie girl in me. Here are some of my fav feminine essentials for reading Austen – tea, a floral tea cup, a comfortable chemise


7 Responses to “Jane’s Addiction”

  1. that tea cup is beyond beautiful and i feel like it would be the perfect thing to reach for after a long, hard day!

  2. wordsworthbaby Says:

    Hey Sexy Lexi, where is that book club that you joined? I’ve got my blog up and going at http://www.WordsworthBaby.wordpress.com. Hope all is well. Dave Rock aka Wordsworth F. Baby

  3. zuri Says:

    lol i love that im officially banned from the bookclub. xo

  4. elnotable Says:

    great tea cup! cute as a button.
    Check out my blog if you want to look at some Madrid streetstyle:

  5. savvymode sg Says:

    pink chemise is very darling. yes, i can see myself sipping afternoon tea in those cups.

  6. juicefairy Says:

    I have always wanted to have a book club. They look like so much fun! My knitting club never really took off so I guess I am nervous to try and start another one. Did you ever see the movie The Jane Austin Book Club?

  7. budgetlexicon Says:

    I thought that movie was pretty cute 🙂

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