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Entertaining Out Of Town Guests July 29, 2008

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I love having friends visit from out of town. It’s so much fun catching up against a backdrop of your favorite neighborhood haunts.  With good planning, entertaining does not have to be expensive or stressful. Here is my week before count down.

  1. The week before: stock your fridge. My essentials are bagels, good coffee, Italian grapefruit soda, wine, beer, and cheese.  Don’t forget things like toilet paper.
  2. The week before: deep clean your apartment including any linens.  This way, a light cleaning the night before will ensure your place is spotless for your guest.
  3. A couple days before, plan your activities.  I love choosing activities that show my friends the “Hollywood life” as well as the natural beauty of LA.  This weekend I am planning a Runyan Canyon hike, brunch at Doughboys, Dinner at Vinum Populi, and a trip to the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market
  4. After you have planned your schedule, let you guest know if they need to pack anything special like running shoes, a nice outfit, or work out gear.

2 Responses to “Entertaining Out Of Town Guests”

  1. wow, i’m sure anyone would love to be a guest in your place, you’ve got it down! sounds like a fun weekend as well, i can’t wait to hear what your friends think of the red velvet cake at doughboys!

  2. Tara Says:

    Good tips, as always! Remember a bar of soap too…I never use bar soap (I always use shower gel), but when my mom came into town, she was so confused when she got in the shower, because she couldn’t find a bar of soap. LOL…it’s the little things.

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