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My Fav Things To Do Around LA On Budget July 17, 2008

Summer time is always really busy for me – weddings, holidays, birthdays, and random events always seem to pre-occupy my time. One of my favorite things about living in LA, is that there are always tons of interesting things to do. Here is a quick list of my favorites.

  1. Cinespia 
  2. Jazz Friday Nights at LACMA
  3. Late Night off the 405
  4. Fairfax Flea market
  5. Getty Museum
  6. W Hotel movie night
  7. Santa Monica Farmer’s Market

2 Responses to “My Fav Things To Do Around LA On Budget”

  1. such a fantastic list…i think i’m either going to see ‘a clockwork orange’ at the hollywood cemetary this saturday, or the link below:


  2. budgetlexicon Says:

    Thanks for the link. I totally need to check that out!

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