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Pasadena Flea Market Finds July 16, 2008

Entry Fee – $7.00

Homemade Salsa – $4.00

Vintage Leather Belt – $7.00

The Rose Bowl Flea Market has been on my list of things to do ever since I moved to LA.  This past weekend, I finally went and it was totally worth the hype.  I found a really cute vintage leather belt and some amazing homemade salsa.

I was disappointed that I only had two great finds. But I an over-heated and under-caffeinated attention span is not ideal for rummaging through vintage clothes and nick-knacks. Even though we decided to head home early, we still had a great time and found some great stuff. I would definitely go back!


One Response to “Pasadena Flea Market Finds”

  1. so glad you made it out to pasadena, it’s definitely one of my favorite things to do! it certainly does require just the right amount of caffeine and dedication since after a certain point in the day, it’s way too hot to enjoy shopping. the best part is that you’ll start enjoying it more each time since you’ll know the right places to hit up for the best dresses, kitchenware, shoes, etc.

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