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Budget Wine Bar/Wine Tasting – Vinum Populi July 3, 2008

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My half of the bill (including tip) $38.00

So one of my friends told me about this really interesting wine bar in Culver City called Vinum Populi. I finally went to last night and I have to say, I am in love. I want to hang out there every day.

It’s different from most wine bars because it has wine dispensing machines that pour wine by the ounce. Here’s how it works – first, you fill up your wine card with money at the bar. Then you head over to the machines, and the price per ounce is listed above each bottle. Once you’ve decided on a wine, stick in your wine card in the machine and wine is dispensed by the ounce. If you need help picking a wine, the staff is really knowledgeable and can make recommendations.

I love it because you’re able to try many different wines without spending a lot of money. You can also try some really expensive wines, but because it’s only an ounce they are not very expensive.

The food was amazing as well, we ordered Insalata Pera, Caprese Pizza, and the cheese plate. They also have happy hour that lasts until about 8:00 with free cheese, salami, and bread – amazing!!!! If you don’t believe me, check it out on Yelp!


3 Responses to “Budget Wine Bar/Wine Tasting – Vinum Populi”

  1. I tried this place a few months back and had a blast! We went on a Friday night though, and it was absolutely packed, so sitting down to get a table and food didn’t happen, but it’s good to know that their eats are as good as their drinks!

  2. winetastingguy Says:

    Is going to a place and getting wine from the enomatic machines really a pleasurable experience? I love the machines and think they are great to have in retail stores but don’t see them as a relaxing and pleasant alternative when at a wine bar.

    Interesting to hear otherwise. Glad you had fun though! I’ll have to check it out when I next make my way out West…

  3. […] beauty of LA.  This weekend I am planning a Runyan Canyon hike, brunch at Doughboys, Dinner at Vinum Populi, and a trip to the Santa Monica Farmer’s […]

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