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$115 To Get In The Best Shape of Your Life June 6, 2008

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San Diego Rock & Roll Entry Fee – $115

Bright Yellow Sweatbands – Free! (Gift from my Bro)

Another post that has nothing to do with budgeting. I promise the budget posts will be back next week!

I completed the San Diego Rock & Roll Marathon on Sunday. Running a marathon was definitely one of the best experiences of my life. I trained like a crazy person for 4 months using the book Marathon You Can Do It and it definitely paid off. I ran the whole 26.2 miles in 4:45:44 (including a 10 minute bathroom break). My time was 10 minutes better than the clock in the pic because of the staggered start.

Because of my intense training regimen, I was able to feel great the entire time, meet other runners, and run relatively fast (10:50 average mile time). There were two different bands (hence the “Rock & Roll”) that played on each mile, which made the run through San Diego a lot of fun. Meeting the other marathoners was my favorite part; they are truly a positive and encouraging group of people.

It totally sounds corny, but I really learned a lot about myself. There have been times in my life when I have felt very anxious about the future. Running the marathon taught me that hard work coupled with the support of friends and family will always pay off.


2 Responses to “$115 To Get In The Best Shape of Your Life”

  1. Fashion Ivy Says:

    Hey Budget Lexicon. Are you interested in a career in fashion design? If so then check out my blog for details on a great contest coming up.

  2. JAson Says:

    Nice sweatbands!!!

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