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Budget Weekend Style Update May 30, 2008

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H&M Shorts – $34.99

American Apparel T-shirt – $18.00

Necklaces – Flea Market $5.00, Gift from Grandma – Free

F21 Cocktail Ring – $4.99

I know it’s kinda late in the week for a style update from Memorial Day Weekend, but I thought I would give an update anyway.

I have finally overcome my fear of high waisted shorts. I thought this simple take on summer’s safari and high waist trends was perfect for a day of shopping and lunch with a girlfriend in Santa Monica. While I probably could have added more accessories, I like the simplicity of this outfit.

Personally, I think that women look most beautiful in simple outfits like jeans and a t-shirt. While I love fashion and accessories, some times it feels good to just get back to basics.


3 Responses to “Budget Weekend Style Update”

  1. Fashion Ivy Says:

    I am afraid to try those.

  2. I’m loving the shorts! BTW, you have a great blog and I was wondering if you would care to do a link exchange with me… Please stop by my blog when you have the time!

  3. JAson Says:

    HAHAHAHAHA that pic is great. sweet outfit

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