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Was I in the sun too long or are jumpers kinda cute? May 20, 2008

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Urban Outfitters Lux Floral Jumper – $68.00
American Apparel – $38.00

This weekend the Z, Ger, Deb, Mich and I went to the Swimming With Sharks party at the Standard downtown. Needless to say, the hipsters were out in droves – American Apparel, neon shorts, wayfarers, one-piece bathing suits and jumpers were everywhere. At one point a guy (who was clearly not from LA) asked me to tell him about the 80s party that was going on…LOL. I had to explain that this is hipster style and not a costume party.

Six hours in the sun and 4 mojitos later, I found myself thinking that jumpers are kinda cute. It normally takes me a couple seasons to embrace styles that I think are kinda “out there.” But I am really considering taking the plunge and getting a jumper. Maybe I will take it out for a test run to the beach or (more likely) in the privacy of my own apartment.


2 Responses to “Was I in the sun too long or are jumpers kinda cute?”

  1. Even without alcohol, I’ve totally been converted…I now love little jumpers and am on the hunt for the perfect one!

  2. Kira Says:

    I randomly found your blog and I’m in love. We have very similar taste and budgets. Good job!

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