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Cut-Off Jean Shorts? May 14, 2008

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American Eagle Jean Shorts – $34.99

Every summer, I can never decide whether or not it is appropriate to wear cut-offs without the presence of a major body of water. They are totally cute at the beach, lake or even an outdoor concert. But what about to brunch or a warm night out?

After years of pondering, my answer is – it depends on what you pair them with. If your jean shorts are really tight or short – pair them with a lose fitting blouse. If your shorts are loose, wear them with a more fitted top. To take cut-offs from beachwear to a chic night out pair them with statement accessories like a scarf, big errands, or boots.

The most budget friendly cut-off shorts are found in your closet. Find an old pair of jeans and cut them to your length of choice and put them in the wash. American Eagle also has some really cute jean shorts for $34.99.

Even though the LA weather is cool right now, I am planning to rock my cut-offs this summer with my gladiators, medallion necklace, and lightweight orange blouse. You can definitely count on some pics of my outfit in a future a budget weekend style post.


3 Responses to “Cut-Off Jean Shorts?”

  1. Emily Says:

    I also think (in contradiction to what Vanessa Hudgens believes) that cut-offs should be worn with weather appropriate attire all around. Boots are to be worn in the winter. If it’s warm enough to be running around in little denim shorts, she probably should stick to sandals.

  2. ariana Says:

    In response to Emily, I think that the footwear shouldn’t really be decided on the type of weather that is outside. if it looks chic and sophisticated then its cool. Just like the white after labor day rule, toss it. Fashion is about risks, fashion is standing out and making a statement. fashion is art, you won’t tell a painter what they can or cannot paint will you?

  3. Denim Shorts Says:

    Hi, thanks for this post. I agree with you Ariana, its a major faux-pas to let the weather dictate your wardrobe, just go with what you feel. UK readers may want to check out the link provided to Peacocks if youre looking for some cool denim shorts. Thanks

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