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A Girl’s Fair Weather Best Friend – Scarves May 13, 2008

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Urban Outfitters Flight Pattern Silk Scarf – $28.00

Urban Outfitters Square Printed Scarf – $20.00

Urban Outfitters Crosshatch Shawl – $19.99

It seems like June Gloom has come early this year to So Cal. I can’t think of a better way fight the urge to curl up under a blanket than with a new budget accessory – the warm weather scarf. These scarves are made of lighter material than winter scarves which makes them perfect for gloomy spring days and warm summer nights.

The look for Spring/Summer 2008 is achieved by draping a long and wide scarf around your head and so it falls to your ideal length. Here are some of my favorite budget scarves from Urban Outfitters.


3 Responses to “A Girl’s Fair Weather Best Friend – Scarves”

  1. Emily Says:

    The Urban Outfitters colorful scarf is exactly what I’m looking for! With that sea-foam green trim and the subtle floral pattern, it will make such a nice addition to a plain white t-shirt and jeans!

  2. budgetlexicon Says:

    I love dressing up a white tee and jeans with accessories!

  3. BB Says:

    i adore scarves. my bf does not like them (says they seem to swallow a girl’s neck), but oh well!

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