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“Florals, For Spring…Groundbreaking” May 8, 2008

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Orchid Hair Clip – $14.00

Okay, okay I know that florals are a cliche for spring. But warm weather combined with a breezy summer dress and a flower in my hair just makes me relax and feel like all is right with the world. The umbrella garnished cocktail that usually accompanies this outfit might have something to do with this euphoric feeling…but who’s counting?

My love for flower hair clips began in college. There’s a store in Santa Barbara called a Tropical Affair and they carry the cutest hand-made flower hair clips. These clips ranged from $30-$50 and were totally out of my college budget. I wanted one so much that one day, I decided to test out my hot glue skills and attempt to replicate one. The result was a sticky glitter mess and brunt fingers.

Now that I am older and much wiser, I simply did Google search and found this totally cute flower hair clip for only $14.00 – which is a much better price than the Tropical Affair clips and did not result in any injuries.


One Response to ““Florals, For Spring…Groundbreaking””

  1. Maureen Says:

    You could also go to a craft store say like Michaels and buy a flower and then get a hair clip or barrette and hot glue gun the flower onto the hair clip. Depending on if its less expensive to buy the flower clip for $14 or to buy everything I had mentioned might be more. It is very pretty.

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