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Pre-order Mossimo’s Summer Collection Online May 7, 2008

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Mossimo Floral Paisley Print Empire+Tax+Shipping – $30.28

I had one major regret this spring, not purchasing my fav Jovovich-Hawk dress from Target before it sold out. I just pre-ordered this dress online which is part of the new Mossimo summer collection. I love this dress because of the bold paisley print, length, and price of $22.99. This dress paired with my gold gladiators and bangles will make the prefect summer BBQ or brunch outfit.

There are a couple drawbacks to pre-ordering clothes online. I was unsure of my size when I created my order and I am currently debating whether or not to order the same dress in a different size – to ensure it fits. I am also not the most patient person so waiting until June to receive my dress is not my idea of a good time. But I am definitely not complaining because at least I know I am not going to be missing out this season.


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