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Budget Weekend Brunch – Panini Garden May 1, 2008

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Panini Chicken Pesto – $8.95

Sometimes the best part of a night out is the morning after recap over brunch. LA has tons of trendy brunch spots where being seen is just as important as eating. Long waits and expensive menus can wear on my nerves and budget.

I found Panini Garden in Santa Monica a couple months ago and I wish I could eat here everyday. The inside of this restaurant feels like a cafe in the heart of Italy. The garden could use a few more plants but the simplistic design creates a feeling authenticity. While this restuarant is alway busy, I have never had to wait for a table (even on the weekend).

Their chicken pesto panini with goat cheese is to die for. Each panini is huge and comes with a salad. I highly recommend taking half home and saving room for a crepe and latte. I don’t really like sweets but I dream about their nutella banana crepe.

Everything on Panini Garden’s menu is under $13.00 making this the perfect restaurant for my budget and growling stomach.


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