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My Biggest Weakness – Target Impulse Purchases April 25, 2008

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Target Rosette Ballet Flats (Rose) – $20.99

You would think as a person who writes a budget blog, I would be immune to impulse purchasing…WRONG!

A couple weeks ago, a friend and I journeyed to the Anza Borrego Desert. She had forgotten to pack closed toed shoes, so I told her that I would go pick some up for her at Target. I was only in the store for a total of 15 minutes, but I still managed to find something I could not live without – Rose colored ballet flats.

I guess this purchase wasn’t totally impulsive because I had been looking for a pair of ballet flats to pair with my black leggings. I was just not planning on purchasing them that day and I usually spend more than 5 minutes trying shoes on.

Thankfully, my quick decision making skills came through and I am totally happy with my new shoes. In addition to pairing well with leggings, these flats look cute with jeans and shirt dresses.


5 Responses to “My Biggest Weakness – Target Impulse Purchases”

  1. Fashion Ivy Says:

    The shoes really are very great.

  2. Zuri Says:

    Woot! See, being my friend has benefits… xoxo

  3. juicefairy Says:

    I saw these over at Target as well and thought they were adorable. Your are not alone. I can rarely leave Target without buying something!

  4. Melissa Says:

    I always find target shoes at good will for less than $5… just saying 🙂

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