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Save the Planet and Your Wallet April 22, 2008

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Plastic Shmastic Reuseable Grocery Bag – $14.99

Happy Earth Day! During the past year, I have taken a few steps to living a greener life. To my delight, many of these steps have helped me not only conserve our planet’s natural resources but my money as well.

1) I stopped buying plastic water bottles – which cost me about $20 per month (I drink a lot of water). I bought a reusable plastic bottle to carry to work and began using a Brita water filter at home.

2) I started using CFL lights in my apartment – which can save $20-$70 dollars in energy costs over a year.

3) I use cloth grocery bags. Trader Joes offers a reuseable grocery bag incentive program – if you bring in a cloth bag, they put your business card in a drawing for a gift certificate.

4) I started doing a lot of my shopping online – especially when purchasing things that do not need to see in person – replacement filters, window alarms, apartment furniture that is too heavy to carry, etc. Online shopping saves me time and let’s me compare prices to ensure that I get the best deal.


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