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Save Money, Lose Weight – Brown Bag It April 21, 2008

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Brown Bag it – Save $50/week and $200/month

One of the easiest ways to save about $50/week and $200/month is to bring your lunch from home. Brown bagging it can also help you lose weight because a packed lunch is typically more healthy than a lunch out. A homemade lunch can also prevent a post lunch “food coma” because you are less likely to overeat.

When grocery shopping, I try to plan out my lunch schedule for the week. It helps me ensure I am not wasting food and money. For example, if I know that I have lunch plans or a catered meeting, I can buy less at the store or just make sure to buy things that will last 2 weeks. I use the same planning method for my weeknight dinners.

Sometimes it is hard for me to bring my lunch because I often suffer from “food envy” when I see the lunches around me. In order to stay on plan, it is important for me to bring I lunch I like.

This week I am eating Rachael Ray’s Lemony Tuna Salad. I leave out the lettuce and substitute chickpeas for the white beans. I keep the cucumber and tomatoes separate until mealtime; otherwise the tuna gets really watery on day 2. It is high in protein and complex carbohydrates, which is important to me because my marathon is only 6 weeks away.


2 Responses to “Save Money, Lose Weight – Brown Bag It”

  1. Elaine Says:

    Thanks for the link—this recipe should be good for two lunches and part of a “it’s time to clean out the refrigerator” dinner.

  2. geri Says:

    i really should pack my lunch more. i just feel like i NEED to get out for an hour. i guess i could pack and go sit in the park at fidm. hmmmm…

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