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Spring Trends (Part 2) – Everything Neon April 17, 2008

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Havaianas Sandals – $18.00

Forever21 Yellow Sunglasses – $5.80

OPI Orange Nail Polish – $7.50

The Spring 2008 neon color trend coupled with the warm California weather has left me re-energized and ready for summer. Here are my favorite budget accessories that helped me embrace this trend without making me look like Rainbow Bright or breaking my bank account.

Havaianas Sandals

I love these sandals because they are inexpensive, cute and comfortable. They are available in many different colors and patterns (I have them in bright green). They easily paired with jeans and tee for the perfect warm weather BBQ attire.

Colored Sunglasses

Colored sunglasses are the perfect way to add bright color to your outfit without looking like clown. You can find colored versions of all the latest shapes in sunglasses everywhere – over sized (my fav), aviator, shield, etc.

Bright Colored Nail Polish

Unlike dark polish, bright polish is flattering to most skin colors. It is the perfect accessory for any warm weather trips that involve a lake, beach, or pool.


2 Responses to “Spring Trends (Part 2) – Everything Neon”

  1. Nenuca Says:

    I love havainas (spelling?) besides coming in quite an array of colours they last FOREVER. Almost literally! I have four pairs: green, yellow, black and white and two of them I’ve had for almost 5 years. The price is a bit more expensive than the Old Navy ones but they don’t break after one summer. Thanks for all the other great tips 🙂

  2. Julia Says:

    the sunglasses, where have you gotten them??!!
    Love them!! : O

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