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High Quality, Low Budget Mani Pedi April 15, 2008

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Ivy’s Nails Mani Pedi – $20.00 (plus tip)

Last week, I decided to get a mani pedi in preparation for my birthday celebrations and a weekend in Palm Springs. Thankfully I selected the right nail salon, because my choice of Cal Trans worker orange polish ensured that everyone within a 5 mile radius was blinded by my nails.

There are many budget nail salons in Los Angeles. Ivy’s Nails on Robertson is the best quality, low budget nail salon that I have found. The salon is clean and the staff is very friendly (they made fun of my choice in polish by telling me my nails would glow in the dark). They gave me the exact shape and length I wanted and did not rush me while I was waiting for my nails to dry. I was highly satisfied with this salon and would definitely recommend it.

On a quick side note, I would like to clarify that getting a weekly mani pedi is not in my budget, nor what I am advocating with this post. I simply want to give people a great budget resource if they ever want to get their nails done.


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