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A Budget Fix for Bad Hair Days April 14, 2008

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Forever 21 Knit Cadet Beret – $7.80

Forever 21 Inspector Fedora – $10.80

I am very fortunate to work for an internet company that embraces very casual dress. You would think that because I can wear jeans that it would be no problem getting my act together and looking cute for work. No matter where you work or what time your job starts, there are always those days when you do not have time to do your hair.

I have found that wearing a trendy hat with my hair in a bun is a great way to deal with those “bad hair”/”I do not have time to do my hair” days. I opt for hats that are very fashion forward because they are a great statement piece in a simple outfit. But because my favorite hats may not stand the test of time, I depend on stores like H&M and Forever21 to keep me supplied in trendy, inexpensive hats.


3 Responses to “A Budget Fix for Bad Hair Days”

  1. geri Says:

    i could use a hat today!!

  2. danz Says:

    I have a hat like the first one in red. I throw it on when my decides to stop cooperating with me.


  3. danz Says:

    That should be “when my hair decides to stop cooperating with me”. Apparently my fingers are doing the same.

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