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$14 Eyebrow Wax April 7, 2008

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Eyebrow Wax – $14.00+tip

I have come to realize that there are still some areas of my life that I have not converted to my budget lifestyle.  Most of the time, my reason for the extra spend is not that I prefer the higher priced product or service; it is pure and utter laziness and lack of research.

A perfect case in point is my recent eyebrow waxing.  I have been going to the same waxer for several years now.  After a recent appointment, I came home to find a Vanilla Ice like slash on the very end of my eyebrow. In addition to the mishap, the waxer did not mention the mistake, is over priced ($35), and there is always a wait (even with an appointment).  Clearly, I have not been satisfied with this service but I am embarrassed to say I have continued to go back.

This weekend, in the spirit of my new blog, I decided to spend some time researching a new eyebrow waxer.  I jumped on Yelp.com (one of my favorite websites for restaurant reviews) and began searching its Beauty section.  While searching through their most highly rated waxing spots, I discovered The Wax Shop which was very highly rated, close to my apartment and inexpensive (only $14 for eyebrow waxing). 

While it looked good on paper, to be totally honest, the idea of a $14 eyebrow wax totally freaked me out.  I thought that instead of Vanilla Ice eyebrows, I might end up with no eyebrows; but I decided to suck it up and try it. 

I was a bit early to my appointment, but Tanya was ready for me.  After a brief discussion regarding “style”, she went to work.  The whole process only took 5 minutes and the results were exactly what I wanted.  I was very glad that I decided to take a chance.  My experience at the The Wax Shop was highly satisfying because not only did my eyebrows look nice, I had more time for other things, and it only cost $14.

That is the funny thing about pricing, sometimes we convince ourselves that an expensive product or service is better than a lesser expensive one.  There are some things where I think it is absolutely worth it to splurge for the more expensive.  But I also believe in trying out the different price points and objectively deciding which one is better – not based on brand name, coolness factor or lack of research.


3 Responses to “$14 Eyebrow Wax”

  1. Marge Johnson Says:

    Hi Lexi,
    Glad you were brave and tried The Wax Shop. Now if we just had something down here in South Orange Co. like that, I would be a happy camper as I am getting tired of the $35 was job myself. Love your blog

  2. Grandma Satcha Says:

    I have caterpillars myself and I found a wondeful place in Mission Viejo on Marguerite/La Paz next to Ralphs. She charges 16.00 I think.

  3. Grandma Satcha Says:

    called Wax Sense 949-597-9887

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