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Wow, Target DOES Have Cute Swim Wear April 4, 2008

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Yellow Bandeau Bikini – $17.99 for each piece
Green Halter Bikini – $14.99 for each piece
Total (with shipping & tax) – $71.40

All last week, I felt like a little kid right before Christmas. Every time the office receptionist called my desk, I would hold my breath and wait expectantly to hear my favorite words “Lexie, you have a package at the front.” Monday, my waiting paid off and I finally received my new bathing suits.

It seems like every year women’s swim wear gets more and more expensive. I had always heard that Target had some really cute swim wear (this was before Target’s big designer campaign), but I was reluctant to try it out. I am embarrassed to admit, that imagined that “Target cute” meant saggy butt bottoms that were cut above my belly button. Last year, after many days of bathing suit shopping, I decided to take the plunge (no pun intended) and was pleasantly surprised.

This year, I went right to the source. I was looking for bright colors to fit spring’s latest trend and a cut that was flattering to my body type. I found exactly what I was looking for – a yellow bandeau bikini and green halter bikini. They fit perfectly and the total cost of both suits was less than one boutique bathing suit. Now I’m ready for a summer of hanging out poolside, margaritas, boating, and lots of sunscreen.


3 Responses to “Wow, Target DOES Have Cute Swim Wear”

  1. very nice designs but don’t you just hanker for those high-end designer bikinis like Vitamin A

    or you could always add a little jazz with a flamboyant tunic or beach gown…that don’t have to be so expensive

    enjoy your bikini!

    [disclosure – i work for curvesnwaves]

  2. Cara Ludutsky Says:

    LEXI! Hey, it’s Cara how are you? Anyway, love your blog, great idea! I feel entirely compelled to put in a plug for Old Navy – great style on a budget! I swear, I’m not biased 😀 Hope all is well!

  3. budgetlexicon Says:

    I totally agree. Old Navy has really cute swim wear as well as clothing for great prices. Don’t worry, I will blog about Old Navy some time soon 🙂

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