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Weekend Adventure: Anza Borrego Desert April 3, 2008

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Weekend Adventure Spend:
Gas – $30
Lunch – $7.50
Pie & Latte – $8.00
Park Admission – $6.00
Unsolicited Weight Advice – Free
Total – $51.50, Peace & Quiet – Priceless

I love day trips because they are a great way to take a breather from city life without putting a huge dent in my bank account or vacation days.

This past weekend, I grabbed one of my friends and we set out to see the wildflowers in the Anza Borrego Desert, which is about an hour and a half east of San Diego County off the 78 (directions). The scenic countryside provided a beautiful backdrop for two old friends catching up on the latest gossip and guy drama.

The first stop on our trip was the city of Julian. This quaint little town is known for its apple pie and was a wonderful place to stop and grab lunch. Another great thing about getting out of the city is everything is so cheap! – my tuna melt was only $7.50 at the Julian Cafe and Bakery. Then we ran across the street (and I do mean ran because it’s freezing in Julian and we were in shorts) and had a piece of apple pie and a latte at Mom’s Pie House for $8.00.

We then set out for the Borrego Palm Canyon Nature Trail hike in Borrego Springs. After another 45 minutes and a few U-turns, we finally reached the trail head. Where we were greeted by a lady park ranger who, instead of accepting our $6.00 and letting us go on our way, proceeded to tell us all the reasons we should turn around and go home. The main reason being that it was windy and were too skinny to handle the powerful gusts. Apparently, the California State Park Association is now dispensing health advice and granting entry into its parks based on weight requirements. With no tornadoes in sight, we simply laughed and told the lady to hand over the parking pass.

The hike was very serene and provided many views of the vast desert landscape. While we missed the peak of wildflower season, there were still some colorful blooms that made a beautiful contrast with the muted desert colors. When we reached our final destintation, a creek surrounded by a grove of palm trees gave us the perfect backdrop for the last photo opportunity of the day.

Overall, I would highly recommend this day trip to those who need to get away from it all. I would strongly advise to dress warmly and ignore the advise of militant park rangers.


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