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Spring Trends (Part 1) April 2, 2008

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Normally, I am a person who really enjoys the winter. I have naturally very pale skin with freckles. I feel a little awkward in the warmer months sitting in a bathing suit next to my bronzed goddess friends applying my factor 50 sunscreen.

This year, I could not be more excited about spring and everything that comes with it – warm weather, sun dresses, happy hours in Westwood, BBQs, flipflops and most of all – new fashion trends.

Updating one’s wardrobe for every season can be expensive and overwhelming. I like to read up on the latest trends – WWW Daily, In Style, Us Weekly (my guilty pleasure) and decide what trends fit my style. Trendy accessories are usually an inexpensive and quick way to update your wardrobe.

One of my favorite trends for Spring 2008 is gladiator sandals. They are perfect for pairing with skinny jeans, sun dresses, or shorts. Living in Southern California means that, in addition to getting the warm weather early, Angeleno based starlets get the jump on spring trends.



I was totally excited to find a really cute pair at Urban Outfitters for $34.00.



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