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Hello, my name is… April 1, 2008

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img_0664.jpgHello, my name is Lexie and I wanted to kick off my blog by giving you some background on the reason why I started this blog.

I recently downgraded from a one bedroom apartment to a studio apartment to get myself on a 5 year plan to buy a condo. After moving, I began trying to live “below my means” to save more money. I began applying my creativity to living on a budget and realized that it was kinda fun. I found myself responding to compliments on my inexpensive (yet well thought out) outfits, home design, etc. by announcing how much everything cost.

The ironic part is that I enjoy things that are typically expensive – food, wine, fashion, home design, going out with friends. But I found that when I spent some time researching and planning my purchases, I could have everything I wanted and not break my budget. I created this blog to pass along this newly found enlightenment and provide some low budget ways to live a fabulous LA life.


5 Responses to “Hello, my name is…”

  1. michal Says:

    I Love the concept of the blog- so clever!

  2. geri Says:

    yay for lexis blog!!

  3. joan saperstein Says:

    Dear Lexi, This is a very useful blog for all the young people trying to make a go of it in Los Angeles without going into debt, an honorable and noble goal! I will enjoy reading it and pass it on to my children as well! PS You look absolutely gorgeous either on or off a budget, and very articulate as well! You make us all proud.

  4. At long last!
    This is a really great idea. There needs to be a young, stylish and and far hotter version of Suze Orman . . . Lexie you are well on your way.

    Here’s to cheap and chic!

  5. BAMBI COMER Says:

    Dear Lexi,
    Good for you. It will be great to show my teenage granddaughter that even gorgeous 20 somethings buy their bathing suits at Target. I am looking foreward to sharing your new blogs with her. I think your moneysaving ideas are great!

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